Roof Maxx: Roof Maintenance Spray Treatment

Why replace when you can maximize the life of your existing roof at a fraction of the cost?

Anyone who’s ever driven on an old road already knows what happens to asphalt as it ages: the natural oils dry out, causing it to become brittle, crack, and ultimately fail. We see and feel it every time we hit a bump or pothole. Like our roads, the many of the roofs here in Portland OR use asphalt shingles. These shingles endure the same thrashing from the elements and must be able to consistently expand and contract in order to provide protection and performance.

roof maxx portland oregonRoof Maxx® is a powerful, scientifically formulated, bio-based treatment, developed from soybean oil (soy methyl ester). The soy-fusion technology allows millions of microbeads to rapidly penetrate old asphalt shingles, replacing the lost petrochemical oils with bio-based oils.

Unlike protective coatings that just cover the surface of the aging material, Roof Maxx® penetrates deep into the shingle, restoring flexibility and preserving the life of your roof.

Treatment with Roof Maxx® is quick, effective, and 100% safe for your family, property, and the environment and unlike roof replacement, a restorative Roof Maxx® treatment from Roof Restore NW is completed quickly, with very little disruption, and for just a fraction of the cost of replacing your roof.

Treatments come with a 5yr transferable warranty. Repeating treatments every five years can extend your roof’s life by up to fifteen years. Roof Maxx makes extending the life of existing roofs possible for homeowners and commercial property managers in Portland Oregon metro.

Roof Maxx Treatment Customer Testimonials

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Roof Maxx® is a scientifically formulated, and 100% safe, plant-based roof rejuvenating spray treatment that was developed by Battelle Labs, the world’s largest private research and development company.

Discover all of the world-class organizations behind roofing’s most disruptive new green technology in this short PBS mini-documentary.

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Roof Maxx is the best way to add value to your home!

  • A Roof Maxx treatment is guaranteed to extend service life 5 years per treatment, up to 15 years with multiple treatments. Maintain the value of your home and keep it ready for future resale.
  • Roof Maxx is the easy, simple, cost-effective solution to roof problems. Saving you up to 80% compared to a new roof and can be done in one day.
  • Roof Maxx protects against all of the things that age your roof more quickly – like extreme weather, harsh seasonal transitions and more.




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A Detailed Free Estimate

A certified technician will thoroughly inspect your roof, focusing on the following areas:

  • algae/moss/lichen growth
  • shingle degranulation
  • missing/loose/cracked shingles
  • roof penetrations 
  • exposed nails
  • metal flashings
  • potential leak areas

Following our inspection, we will evaluate your roof’s health score and provide a detailed report of our findings and recommendations.

This essential 1st step ensures that Roof Maxx is right for you. We take pictures of any items of concern found during the inspection of your roof to share with you & offer simple repair solutions.

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Roof Tune Up

Our roof tune-up will provide the preventative roof maintenance needed to extend the life of your roof and avoid premature failure. A few examples of issues our certified technicians will address before the Roof Maxx treatment are:

  • nails backing out of shingles
  • securing loose shingles
  • replacing gaskets on vent stacks
  • sealing cracks to avoid potential leaks
  • refastening floating flashings

Before treating with Roof Maxx, we perform this tune-up of your entire roofing system, with focus on the flashings; the most leak-prone areas of your roof.

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Roof Maxx Treatment

Similar to applying moisturizer to dry skin, Roof Maxx is gently sprayed onto your roof where millions of micro-beads will immediately begin to soak in and restore the pliability of brittle asphalt shingles.  For an average home, the treatment is quick and clean and can usually be completed within two hours.  Roof Maxx is 100% safe for plants, pets, and people, because it’s an all-natural bio-based product. Any overspray can simply be rinsed away with a hose or with the next rain. Your roof’s flexibility and waterproofing protection is restored within 72 hours.

ROOF RESTORE NW: Authorized Roof Maxx Dealer

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We own Stump Removal Northwest & are thrilled to offer Roof Maxx, an amazing shingle roof restoration option to Portland Metro property owners & managers. We look forward to restoring your existing asphalt shingle roof, reducing waste and saving you money! Call or Text  503-567-8446